Commit 54a4c789ca80 for kernel

commit 54a4c789ca8091ab8fcd70285caeee2c5bc62997
Merge: 93f3d8f54a22 3e2ac9798e13
Author: Linus Torvalds <>
Date:   Fri Oct 16 15:02:21 2020 -0700

    Merge tag 'docs/v5.10-1' of git://

    Pull documentation updates from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
     "A series of patches addressing warnings produced by make htmldocs.
      This includes:

       - kernel-doc markup fixes

       - ReST fixes

       - Updates at the build system in order to support newer versions of
         the docs build toolchain (Sphinx)

      After this series, the number of html build warnings should reduce
      significantly, and building with Sphinx 3.1 or later should now be
      supported (although it is still recommended to use Sphinx 2.4.4).

      As agreed with Jon, I should be sending you a late pull request by the
      end of the merge window addressing remaining issues with docs build,
      as there are a number of warning fixes that depends on pull requests
      that should be happening along the merge window.

      The end goal is to have a clean htmldocs build on Kernel 5.10.

      PS. It should be noticed that Sphinx 3.0 is not currently supported,
      as it lacks support for C domain namespaces. Such feature, needed in
      order to document uAPI system calls with Sphinx 3.x, was added only on
      Sphinx 3.1"

    * tag 'docs/v5.10-1' of git:// (75 commits)
      PM / devfreq: remove a duplicated kernel-doc markup
      mm/doc: fix a literal block markup
      workqueue: fix a kernel-doc warning
      docs: virt: user_mode_linux_howto_v2.rst: fix a literal block markup
      Input: sparse-keymap: add a description for @sw
      rcu/tree: docs: document bkvcache new members at struct kfree_rcu_cpu
      nl80211: docs: add a description for s1g_cap parameter
      usb: docs: document altmode register/unregister functions
      kunit: test.h: fix a bad kernel-doc markup
      drivers: core: fix kernel-doc markup for dev_err_probe()
      docs: bio: fix a kerneldoc markup
      kunit: test.h: solve kernel-doc warnings
      block: bio: fix a warning at the kernel-doc markups
      docs: powerpc: syscall64-abi.rst: fix a malformed table
      drivers: net: hamradio: fix document location
      net: appletalk: Kconfig: Fix docs location
      dt-bindings: fix references to files converted to yaml
      memblock: get rid of a :c:type leftover
      math64.h: kernel-docs: Convert some markups into normal comments
      media: uAPI: buffer.rst: remove a left-over documentation

diff --cc include/net/cfg80211.h
index aee47f2b5709,fb6aece00549..661edfc8722e
--- a/include/net/cfg80211.h
+++ b/include/net/cfg80211.h
@@@ -474,8 -449,8 +474,9 @@@ struct ieee80211_sta_s1g_cap
   * @n_bitrates: Number of bitrates in @bitrates
   * @ht_cap: HT capabilities in this band
   * @vht_cap: VHT capabilities in this band
+  * @s1g_cap: S1G capabilities in this band
   * @edmg_cap: EDMG capabilities in this band
 + * @s1g_cap: S1G capabilities in this band (S1B band only, of course)
   * @n_iftype_data: number of iftype data entries
   * @iftype_data: interface type data entries.  Note that the bits in
   *	@types_mask inside this structure cannot overlap (i.e. only