Commit f80ef9e49fdf for kernel

commit f80ef9e49fdfbfbc4197711230098b90e6b05a7e
Merge: 9d6cf4720203 333b11e541fe
Author: Linus Torvalds <>
Date:   Mon Dec 6 10:46:20 2021 -0800

    Merge tag 'docs-5.16-3' of git://

    Pull documentation fixes from Jonathan Corbet:
     "A few important documentation fixes, including breakage that comes
      with v1.0 of the ReadTheDocs theme"

    * tag 'docs-5.16-3' of git://
      Documentation: Add minimum pahole version
      Documentation/process: fix self reference
      docs: admin-guide/blockdev: Remove digraph of node-states
      docs: fix support for Readthedocs v 1.0.0