Commit 1b7dabccd0 for

commit 1b7dabccd0e81e285c700467f1a8f6083c15bc6b
Merge: d0d3dd401b 7645f21f40
Author: Peter Maydell <>
Date:   Wed Apr 7 19:21:47 2021 +0100

    Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/nvme/tags/nvme-fixes-20210407-pull-request' into staging

    emulated nvme fixes for -rc3

      - removed unnecessary deprecation warning

      - added missing patches

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    * remotes/nvme/tags/nvme-fixes-20210407-pull-request:
      hw/block/nvme: fix out-of-bounds read in nvme_subsys_ctrl
      hw/block/nvme: fix assert crash in nvme_subsys_ns
      hw/block/nvme: fix ns attachment out-of-bounds read
      hw/block/nvme: add missing copyright headers
      hw/block/nvme: fix handling of private namespaces
      hw/block/nvme: update dmsrl limit on namespace detachment
      hw/block/nvme: fix warning about legacy namespace configuration
      hw/block/nvme: fix the nsid 'invalid' value
      hw/block/nvme: fix missing string representation for ns attachment
      hw/block/nvme: fix pi constraint check

    Signed-off-by: Peter Maydell <>